Camomile Hixon

Manhattan artist Camomile Hixon studies pop culture with super-sized words, images and symbols.  Certain pieces composed of huge glittering letters explore the layered meanings and subtle textures of words, a development from Hixon's work as a songwriter and musician. She describes these paintings as "poetry fragments without the movement of melody".

Her other works have included words and paintings where she seeks to "expand moments in time where ephemeral beauty becomes something more tangible." Hixon also creates glitter environments and giant three-dimensional installations using cellophane.

"The art that I do is about trying to push people in the direction of great joy, of greater peace for themselves and for the world. It's not a small idea that I have, and I don't want to ever seem naive. But I feel if everyone does their part, we can get there, or get a lot closer sooner."