Lucinda Grange

Lucinda Grange is an award winning English adventure photographer, currently based in New York City. She has traveled the world, scaling some of the tallest and most iconic structures and buildings. Amongst her list of climbs is the Great Pyramid, Firth of Forth Rail Bridge and the Chrysler Building. Lucinda has been published by the BBC, New York Post, The Independent, The Guardian and exhibited in the Museum of London and the National Football Museum but the name a few. 

Lucinda uses photography as a means of self expression, to identify with the more obvious and hidden aspects of her character. She believes that a person is defined by their actions and choices, and are therefore defined by the environments they choose to put themselves in. This explains why Lucinda records her own surroundings, photographing the people and places she chooses to have around her.

Lucinda records social documentary in an unusual manner, sometimes alienating herself to do so, resulting in angst and solipsism. Beauty, fragility and fear are all present and tangible within the work. Lucinda's approach to documentary photography utilizes high points within the landscape, it has been said that her images 'challenge the viewer to reconsider the environment they find themselves in.'