Azart Gallery is very excited to be curating and selecting a roster of French artists chosen by Latifa Metheny for French Wink

Based in New York, French Wink is The Only Omnichannel Marketing Platform Dedicated To French Lifestyle & Savoir-Faire. We Propose An Alternative To Capital Intensive Traditional Retails By Focusing On Experiences. A brick-and-click Concept Surfing Between Retail & Digital. 

We Know The Story Behind Each Product. We Know The Creator Behind Each Brand. Enjoy Our eShop And Meet Us At One Of Our Pop-Up Stores.

Myline Descamps & Claire Obry - Managing Partners at French Wink

Myline Descamps & Claire Obry - Managing Partners at French Wink

It all started when...

Upon moving to New York City, Claire Obry, a 34-year-old mother of three, noticed that French brands attempting to break into the market were struggling to expand beyond New York’s French community. “There is a high demand for creations by French artisans and designers in the United States” Coming from a background in communication and with experience supporting artisans in France, Obry decided to make it her mission to help these French brands succeed.

Obry partnered with Myline Descamps, a 38-year-old French entrepreneur and also a mother of three. Descamps brought business and retail experience to the startup, having founded a fair trade company and operated a boutique café in Laos.

Together, Myline and Claire created the idea for the French Wink pop-up storea one-stop-shop for American Francophiles and shopaholics to explore the best made-in-France products in their own city.

For New Yorkers

Are you still hesitating between 2 sizes or colors? If you live in New York, feel free to contact us to see and try on any product you like. We will do our best to bring our boutique to your door! 

And if you want to share your love of French savoir-faire with your friends or relatives, we will be happy to organize a unique Parisian Party just for you. Chocolate and bubbles and exclusive beauty and fashion products from France. We can even bring a French nutritional consultant to give you some secret tips ;)

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