Clara Fialho

Clara Fialho (American, b. Brazil) uses bold, bright colors that instinctively attract the eye to her work. Yet on close up exploration, the loose shapes and spirals as well as patterns and details are fascinating.

Almost like a childlike naiveté and primitivism, she uses pencils, watercolors and oils to emphasize organic shapes and to exalt warm greens and blues as well as luminous carmines and yellows. As a result, it brings the viewer to connect with her abstract vision of nature.

Clara is a New York-based artist. She received her BFA from the Cooper Union on a full scholarship and had her first solo exhibition in Chelsea at age 22. Since then, she has been exhibiting extensively throughout the country and abroad. Her work has been featured in numerous publications, including the cover of New York Spaces Magazine.

 “[…] the dreamy abstract paintings deserve a close look because they embrace a kind of pre-postmodern sense of, I don’t want to say optimism, but at least acceptance of the world as a bunch of lemons with which you can make something delicious […]. Fialho’s sense of prettiness and beauty comes from the desire to express the Jungian soup we all swim in where in our dreams we are one with the earth, the planets, humankind, the animals, insects and the stars. (Well maybe not the insects but you know–everything else.)” Roberta Fallon, Theartblog.