AM DeBrincat


AM DeBrincat is a Brooklyn-based artist originally from San Francisco, California. Her mixed media paintings contrast traditional oil painting techniques with black and white digital photography to explore the hybrid nature of identity in the digital age.  Her distinctive color palette is inspired by the sunny California landscape where she grew up. These bright colors, juxtaposed with the dramatic black and white tones of digital photography, create a style that is instantly recognizable. 

AM DeBrincat has exhibited her work extensively across the US and internationally. She has been an artist in residence at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA), The Wassaic Project, and Chashama, and she has received grants and fellowships from MASS MoCA, the Durst Foundation, the Deming Foundation, and The Wassaic Project. 

DeBrincat's unique style consistently captures the attention of critics. Her work has been featured in numerous publications, with critics placing emphasis on the way that her mixed media style embodies life in the digital age.

"The way AM DeBrincat handles oil paint is lush and sensuous. The painted faces are colorful and as juicy as ripe fruit. On close inspection, one can see the gentle peaks and divots of DeBrincat’s palette knife and brush sculpting the oil paint as if it were frosting. Each face suggests a carefully constructed confection. Yet the painted faces rest within bodies constructed of digital photography. AM DeBrincat’s paintings are battlegrounds where the organic juiciness of oil paint confronts the cool detachment of pixels. On each canvas, the artist contrasts the language of painting with the language of the digital image. Each canvas poses the question of painting and digital photography - 'which of the two languages is real?'" - Paul Eriksson, Widewalls Magazine