Valerie Carmet

With a degree in International Policy, French born Valerie Carmet first came to the US to work in the fashion industry. Then after few years she decided to pursue her first love and studied art, painting and sculpting as well as mosaics in a number of New York Schools and Italian studios. 

She also worked for 3 years at the Anandamali Studio in New York City as a full time artist. Valerie eventually taught the art of mosaics to a downtown clientele while honing her own expertise in both mosaics and mixed media, creating large-scale commissions, art surfaces and furniture.

Her clients include Pfizer, NYU Hospital, Ritz Carlton, Rockefeller Center and numerous restaurants and nightclubs as well as a global group of individuals and collectors who described her work as “an expression of light, joy and good feelings.”

Her new collection “ToyBox : Not Intended for small children” is based on 3 D wooden framed silhouette boxes, filled with collected, recycled toys, each pieces is one of a kind in a limited pop art edition of 10 in each series. 

Describing her approach with this new medium, Valerie says: "my kids’ discarded toys gathering dust were too sweet and strange to toss, so I began the “ToyBox” Series…. I used the old and the new, the vintage and the collectible 'toys' as my new palette of paint and color to play with…."