A French painter and international artist, born in La Rochelle, France, currently living and working in Barcelona. 

With intense colors and  small brush strokes, Lo creates a poetic world, somewhere between reality and imagination. A painter since  childhood, she has been fostering experiences traveling abroad, meeting people all along her trips. The artist paints with a palette knife, constructing large mosaics of pixelated landscapes and portraits and "Land-Faces" , with great depth and strength. She likes to say "We are made of mosaics of emotions and cultural experiences".

Her compositions go beyond a simple representation of reality. Sharp color touches, suggesting shapes and lights convey one unique purpose: induced  emotion.

One of her latest creations, is a single eye, drowned in resin, its vibrant colors, compelling sincerity, evoke a face, a person, a story … voluptuously deranging and questioning: Who are you, you who are looking at me?